Work Box FAQ


What is Work Box?

With Work Box, we have created a new "Work & Storage" concept geared toward small businesses and companies with individual requirements in the areas of production, creation, logistics and secure storage.

Project rooms, system areas, micro hubs.

How does Work Box work?

It's actually quite simple: You look online for availability at your favorite location, make an inquiry or contact us by phone free of charge on our service number 0800-0811180. We’ll then arrange a free viewing appointment, during which you can get to know our locations and your future box. If everything fits, we’ll then send you a specific offer for your favorite Work Box.

You decided? Then we only need your documents so that we can draw up your contract. It's all done digitally via upload and DocuSign. After your documents have been successfully checked and the rental agreement signed, nothing stands in the way of using your Work Box. All you have to do is arrange a handover date and off you go!

Rental periods?

We offer flexible terms of 3, 6 or 12 months. These are minimum terms. If you’d like to rent your Work Box for a longer period of time - no problem, the contract will be extended after the minimum term until you cancel the contract with a notice period of 14 days before the end of the contract term.

Do I need insurance?

You are not obliged to take out insurance, but we recommend that all tenants take out (business) liability insurance and/or business content insurance. ((Betriebs)-Haftpflichtversicherung und/oder einer Geschäftsinhaltsversicherung)

Is there onsite equipment for use?

Our locations have sufficient means of transport to make your business as easy as possible. Pallet trucks, sack trucks and lattice trucks are available for transporting your goods and products.

Can I change Work Boxes?

Is your business growing? Do you need to downsize? If available, we’ll be happy to help you find the size that fits best your needs. Just speak to our team on site or send us an email to

What are the opening hours of Work Box?

You can use your Work Box around the clock (24/7).

The center management is staffed on weekdays from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and is happy to answer any questions you may have about your Work Box.

Which Work Box is right for me?

It all depends on what you want to use your Work Box for. The best thing to do is arrange a free consultation with the respective center management to find out which Work Box best suits your individual needs.

Using my Work Box

Are there things that cannot or may not be stored?

Yes. In general, no items may be stored that are easily flammable or highly flammable. The storage of goods that can cause an odor, nuisance, or emissions that are harmful to the health of others is also prohibited.

The following goods and activities are not permitted unless expressly agreed upon prior to move in:

- recording studio

- Bulk and/or perishable foods

- Commercial grinding, drilling, milling, countersinking

- Combustion engines of any kind

- Propellants, combustibles and lubricants

- Paints, varnishes and solvents

- Explosives (such as fireworks, propellants, ammunition) and other explosive paraphernalia.

- Weapons

- scrap tires

- unpackaged clothing (especially fur coats)

- Living things of all kinds

- highly flammable materials/substances

- gasses under pressure

- Drugs and narcotics

- Chemicals and radioactive materials

- toxic waste

- Hazardous waste of all kinds

- more than 8 car tires per compartment

- Prohibited or illegally acquired substances and items

- other dangerous materials as well as substances that can affect third parties through emissions.

If in doubt, our on-site team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How tall are the Work Boxes?

Our boxes are between 3.5 - 4.5 meters high, depending on the location and the Work Box. If you need further information on this topic, the best thing to do is to call the relevant Work Box location and let our staff provide further information.

Are the Work Box buildings heated?

Yes, our buildings are heated. The average temperature is 19 degrees. A moderate temperature is of great importance, especially for sensitive stored goods, so that these stored goods remain undamaged during storage.

Are the Work Boxes air-conditioned?

No, the storage rooms are not air-conditioned.

How much weight can you put on the floor in the Work Boxes?

As a rule, the floor can be loaded with 500 kilograms per square meter. Other loads are possible by arrangement and depending on the respective area.

Can you store wine and sparkling wine?

Yes, you can also store drinks such as wine and sparkling wine at Work Box.

Can you store groceries?

Only packaged non-perishable food may be stored and by prior arrangement only.

Do the Work Box locations have covered loading areas?

It depends on the location.

Are the Work Boxes dry, clean and ventilated?

Of course. With our smart sensor technology, we ensure a continuous indoor climate. All Work Boxes and traffic routes are safe, dry, clean and ventilated.

Is there a freight elevator?

Yes, we have freight elevators at all locations for smooth, barrier-free access to your Work Box.

Can pallets fit through the door of my Work Box?

All door widths are suitable for problem-free handling of pallets. Some Work Boxes even have double doors or special widths. Just ask our center management about the availability.

Do the Work Boxes have a power connection?

All our Work Boxes are equipped with light, electricity and WIFI. You only pay for your electricity in excess of 30 KW/h - everything is included until then.


Can you rent furniture?

Yes, we also rent shelves, workbenches or office furniture if required. Just talk to us and we will make you an individual offer, depending on what you need.

Can you buy packaging material from Work Box?

No, we do not sell any packaging material, but we are happy to help with procurement.

Can you rent parking spaces?

We do not offer parking spaces for rent, but there are plenty of parking spaces at our locations, which are exclusively available for our tenants.

Can I have shipments of goods delivered directly to Work Box?

Yes, you can have your deliveries delivered to our center management on weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We then store them safely in our post boxes, to which we give you exclusive access to 24/7.

Please make sure that you always state your Work Box number when placing orders. This helps us match incoming deliveries with our tenants in an efficient manner.

Is there a parcel delivery service?

We are happy to hand over your deliveries to your trusted shipping service provider (DHL, UPS, etc.), so that you can continue to take care of your business in the meantime. It is important that you schedule your shipments and pickups in advance and prepare accordingly. Then simply use our post boxes and store your deliveries safely until they are picked up.

Can Work Box also dispose of items for me?

This depends on the type and quantity of the items to be disposed of and should be discussed individually with the center management on site.


How safe is my Work Box?

We value security greatly. All our Work Boxes are equipped with an individual electronic lock which can be opened using personalized NFC chips. In addition, our locations are monitored by cameras as well as an external security service.

Can I take out insurance through Work Box?

No, we do not offer insurance. However, we recommend taking out (commercial) liability insurance ((Gewerbe-)Haftpflichtversicherung) and possibly business contents insurance (Geschäftsinhaltsversicherung), depending on the type of items to be stowed.

Do I need to insure my Work Box or its contents?

We recommend taking out (commercial) liability insurance ((Gewerbe-)Haftpflichtversicherung) and possibly business contents insurance (Geschäftsinhaltsversicherung), depending on the type of items to be stored and especially if valuable items are to be stored.

Are the Work Box locations under video surveillance?

Yes, the passageways of the Work Box locations and the entrance areas to the Work Boxes are video-monitored 24/7.

Is there a security guard at Work Box?

Yes, we have security guards at all of our locations for added security.


Does Work Box provide a van for use?

No, we do not offer a van.

Can I rent a car or truck from you?

No, we do not offer this service ourselves, but we can recommend a partner.

Do you offer a pick-up service for my stored goods?

No, we do not offer this service ourselves, but we can recommend a partner.

Are there free transport aids such as hand trucks, lift trucks and trolleys?

Yes, we have free transport aids such as hand trucks, pallet trucks and trolleys at all locations. These are available to our customers at all locations free of charge.

Is there a freight elevator in the building?

Yes, we have freight elevators at all locations for smooth, barrier-free access to your Work Box.

What happens if I need a bigger or smaller space after signing the contract?

We will be happy to help you if your requirements change - i.e. you need more or less space. Just talk to us and we will try to find a suitable space for you or to change your contract, (always depending on the availability at the respective location).


Can I give other people, e.g. customers or a freight forwarder, grant access to my storage space?

When you sign the contract, you will receive one or more individually programmed Work Box transponders (NFC chips), which you can make available to your colleagues, partners and service providers. With each of these transponders, the respective user gains access to your Work Box.

What documents will I need for the contract?

As a purely commercial landlord, we need the following documents from you:

  • A copy/scan of the ID card of the person who owns the business.
  • An excerpt from the commercial register and/or business registration of your company, for sole proprietorships the corresponding tax number
  • Tax number ID/ VAT ID

All documents can be conveniently made available via our secure upload service. For this purpose, we will send you a personalized link when you sign the contract.

I'm not exactly sure when I'll need my Work Box, but I want to make sure it's still available. What should I do?

The best thing to do is to inquire about availability in advance without obligation and discuss your situation with our center management on site. They will always try to find a solution that suits you. As a rule, we can reserve Work Boxes exclusively for you for 14 days. If there is an increased demand, we will always talk to you first about how to proceed.

My move-in date changes at short notice. How does this affect my contract?

Things can change at short notice, so we always try to find individual solutions. Please contact us at the respective location and let us know how we can help you.

What if I need my Work Box longer than planned. Can I continue to rent it after my contract is up?

Our contract terms are minimum terms that are automatically extended if you do not cancel in good time - 14 days before the end of the contract.

If I rent the warehouse longer, do I get a discount?

Basically yes, because our rental prices are staggered between 3 months, 6 months and 12 months minimum contract period. The longer you rent, the cheaper the monthly rent will be for you.

Can I transfer my rental agreement?

No, a transfer of the rental contract is not possible. If a change is desired, you should contact our center management on site. We will try to help you to end your contract early and, if necessary, rent your Work Box to a new tenant.

Do I have to be of legal age to rent a Work Box?

Yes, to rent a Work Box you have to be of legal age.

I am going abroad for an indefinite period. What is the maximum amount of time I can store with you?

You can store your stored goods for as long as you want.

Can I change the billing address after signing the contract?

Yes, the billing address can be changed at any time, but not the company name. For a change of name and/or change of business address, we need appropriate proof from you in the form of a new article of association/extract from the commercial register/business re-registration etc (Gesellschaftsvertrags/Handelsregisterauszug/Gewerbeummeldung).

Do I have to pay a deposit when signing the contract?

Yes, we need a deposit from you before handing over your WORK BOX in the amount of 1.5x the monthly rent.

How can I pay?

We prefer to accept SEPA direct debit mandates, but alternatively also debit or credit cards. Payments are processed via the payment provider STRIPE.

How long is the minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is 3 months.

How long is the notice period?

The notice period is 14 days to the end of the minimum contract period.

How can I cancel?

Easy, just send us an email to and we will take care of the return and processing of your rental agreement.

Important: Please state your contract number and the number of the Work Box.

How do I hand over a canceled Work Box?

You arrange your hand over date directly with your Work Box contact person on site (center management). During the appointment we will check the condition of the Work Box and create a handover protocol, which you will then receive by email. You also hand over your transponders to your contact person during this appointment.