Because we care

We help companies of all sizes - from start-ups to established brands.

Our vision

We believe that storage and workspaces can now be combined into a single service and not simply a space to store product. And demand for these spaces has never been higher. We are turning self-storage into serve-storage and are thus pioneering a new type of space for the modern business. We offer real estate as a service.

Our mission

We help to implement different business ideas in a networked and complex working world by creating multifunctional spaces and supplement them with services that offer our customers real added value in their daily work.

What does Work Box offer

Work Box starts where the classic self-storage and warehousing offer ends:

  • Areas from approx. 5m² - 50m²
  • Flexible rental periods
  • Individual usage options beyond classic storage 
  • Light and electricity in the units
  • Internet
  • Individual mailbox
  • Individual and optional services
  • 24/7 access
  • Toilets
  • Communal areas for a mutual exchange
  • A strong community
  • Supply options such as coffee, tea, water, snacks, etc.

The team behind Work Box

Let's work!

We are project developers, architects, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, marketing experts, enthusiasts and doers.  We are Work Box.  We all have one thing in common: For more than 20 years we have been dealing intensively with the requirements of commercial real estate and the needs of their tenants.  The world of our customers is characterized by increasing complexity, the trend towards "new ways of working", progressive digitization and growing agility determine their new everyday work. Whether craftsmen, on-demand online dealers (e-commerce), retailers, restaurateurs, bands and  Musicians and companies, such as small productions, film productions, event agencies, manufactories, etc. It is true for all of them that they are increasingly looking for central areas that can do more than just storage; due to a changed working world, they show a pronounced and cross-industry service requirement for central  and flexibly rentable work/storage rooms. 

This is how we came up with the idea for a new hybrid "Work & Storage" concept that offers sustainable central work and logistics solutions for the increased demands of a networked world.

We are looking for reinforcements in the team

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Our locations

Due to the high demand 150 more fully equipped Work Boxes are coming soon at our two locations: